Children's Clothing & Acessories

At 2910 on the Square, we have wonderful gift ideas, many one-of-a-kind, handmade crafts and art objects for Babies & Kids. Baby gifts, clothing and an assortment of wonderful accessories!

Baby Knitted Pumpkin Hat

Price: $20.00
Carlos the Crab Dinner Set for Kids

Price: $25.00
Ocean Friends Dinner Set for Kids

Price: $25.00
Custom Personalized Childrens Menorah

Price: $58.00
Baltimore Maryland Toddler Crab T-Shirt

Price: $16.00
Future Hon Toddler T-Shirt

Price: $16.00
Future Hon Onesie

Price: $20.00
Oriole Bird Onesie

Price: $20.00
Hand Knitted Baby's Ravens Hat 0-6 mos.

Price: $22.00
Jellyfish Hooded Kids Towel

Price: $28.00
Stephen Joseph Owl Backpack

Price: $34.00
Stephen Joseph Sports Backpack

Price: $34.00
Spoonzys Spoon

Price: $8.00
Charlies Trumpette Socks

Price: $29.00
Red or Blue Stuffed Bean Bag Crab

Price: $8.50
I drink 'til I pass out Cotton Onesie

Price: $16.00
X O Hug and Kiss Sterling Silver Earrings

Price: $26.00
In-Store Gift Certificate

Price: $10.00
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