Valentine's Day Gifts

Give a gift filled with love! 2910 on the Square has unique Valentine's Day gifts for that special person in your life.

Recycled Glass Lovestones

Price: $8.00
Fairly Certain Mug

Price: $16.00
Sexy Four Letter Puzzles

Price: $18.00
8 oz. Box of Assorted Mouth Party Caramels

Price: $14.00
Mouth Party Sea Salt Caramel Sauce

Price: $9.50
Mouth Party Assorted Caramels Gift Bag

Price: $10.75
Canvas Wristlet with Crab Print

Price: $22.00
No Words Print by StoryPeople

Price: $35.00
Gold Heart Pewter Treasure Box

Price: $35.00
Pewter Hearts Treasure  Box

Price: $35.00
Frog Prince Pewter Paperweight

Price: $38.00
X O Hug and Kiss Sterling Silver Earrings

Price: $26.00
Female Ceramic Magnetic Paper Clip Head Holder

Price: $28.00
Male Ceramic Magnetic Paper Clip Head Holder

Price: $28.00
Yes Ma'am Bobble Head Ceramic Paper Clip Holder

Price: $48.00
Yes Man Ceramic Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

Price: $48.00