Baltimore Jewish Times Magazine

April, 2004


On the Town

2910 on the Square- Staff Report
- Photo Saul Stoogenke

When contemplating Israel's exports, one normally thinks of Jaffa oranges and high-tech gadgets and gizmos. But not to be overlooked or marginalized are the Jewish state's outstanding wines, cheeses and artistic offerings.

Last week, the Baltimore Zionist District celebrated those elements of Israeli life and culture with a pair of receptions - one on Thursday night, March 25, at Canton's Chesapeake Wine Co., and the other on Saturday night, March 27, at 2910 On The Square, also in Canton. More than 100 people attended both gatherings.


browsing jewelry and artwork at 2910 on the Square
An ebullient and effervescent Maia Hoffman laughs it up
while browsing the jewelry and artworks at 2910.

Canton Wine reception
Donald Fedder and Neil Cohen
sample some of Israel's
finest wine offerings.
art and wine reception
Bethesda resident Larry Paul browses
around the art and wine recption.
His wife is artist Joye Newman.

Canton residents buy gift for new grandchild
Stephanie Yesko, owner of 2910 On The Square, helps Canton residents
Michaeline and Donald Fedder decide on a gift for their new grandchild.

Amit Yaffe


Local artist Armit Yaffe stands by a collection of her watercolor prints.