Niche Magazine
Winter 2005

Appeal to animal lovers and unleash your gallery's potential
By Tiffany Vallo

that doggy in the windowChicago has the Bulls, Miami has the Dolphins and St. Louis has the Cardinals. But you're selling art, not going for three-pointers, touchdowns or home runs, so why would you need a mascot?

The truth is, having a regular furry face around can be a great way to pull people in the door and keep them coming back. Take a look at the ways these gallery owners incorporate pets into their store space, and the benefits they are seeing.



Dillon, Mazel and SadieA Woman's Best Friend

When Stephanie Fleishman, owner of 2910 on the Square in Baltimore, adopted her three dogs, Dillon, Mazel and Sadie, over five years ago, she knew they would be the perfect permanent installation to her showroom.

"Many people come in because they see the pups and want to come in and pet them and learn about them," says Fleishman. "They actually come in just to see the dogs."

Fleishman rescued the two terrier mixes right off her neighborhood streets and the one Lhasa apso mix from the Baltimore County Humane Society. The dogs spend as much time at 2910 as Fleishman does.

"The pups are here every day I am here ... which is six days a week," says Fleishman.