Bubbe Butter

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This product was taken over by a mom and grandmother who was delighted in the opportunity to adopt this product line created by a friend of the family that could be used confidently.

All products are comprised of organic ingredients and do not contain petroleum, preservatives or artificial by-products.

The development of this harmonizing blend of rich hydrating oils and butters are beneficial for eczema, dry and sensitive skin and hair; comfortable for daily use.

Each ingredient was chosen carefully for its hydrating and synergistic properties. Because with Bubbee Butter, it's not the individual parts that make it the best but the combination and ratio of each component that harmonize the butter into happiness for hair and skin.

​ All butters and oils are organic, unrefined, and cold pressed; meaning that they have been treated gently and without chemicals to ensure maximum nutritional content and the safest for use on sensitive skin.


Shea butter is the blend's base because of the smooth soft solid texture and low odor. It is also used for maintaining moisture within the skin and hair because of the high level of fatty acids and non-saponifiables. Bubbe Butter has a light but rich chocolate fragrance due to the vitamin E and antioxidant packed cocoa bean. ​


Bubbe Butter's velvet texture and healing properties are from the Moroccan Argan tree who's fruit kernel oil has been used for centuries as a powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant.

The unsaturated fatty acids and composition of coconut oil act as a natural preservative.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil adds shine and hydrates.


Beeswax stiffens the blend while acting as an emollient to hold in moisture. The essential oil extracted from the pale yellow and fragrant Chamomile flower is known for its soothing characteristics.

Proudly Made in Maryland.

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