Trial By Fire Candles 16 oz.

Trial By Fire Candles 16 oz.

Price: $28.00
These candles are 2910's newest locally made candles. They are just wonderful and come in many assorted scents.

- 100% natural, slow burning, Soy Wax

- 100% recyclable container and packaging

- Personalized care and attention to detail

Proudly Made in Baltimore.

- A commitment to producing candles that are free from Carcinogens, Mutagens, Reproductive Toxins, Organ Toxins, and Acute Toxins, as well as complying with California Prop 65 requirements


All I Want for Christmas -THE Christmas Tree candle... a blend of all your favorite evergreen scents in one place. If you don't want to get a real tree this year, just unbox the plastic one and spark up this bad boy to get your home smelling like a Christmas tree farm! Fragrance Notes: Top: Evergreen, Lemon Peel, Cinnoman Middle: Blue Spruce, Pine, Moss Base: Cedar, Fraser Fir, Cypress

Amber Noir-Complex - intriguing and sensual, this scent has year-round appeal... warm notes of amber blend smoothly with soft citrus and fragrant wood.

Chai Hai-Chai Hai - captures the inviting essence of a steaming mug of this much loved, and centuries old, beverage. Cinnamon, Cardamom, Orange Peel, Cream, Nutmeg, Pepper, Black Tea, Clove & Vanilla

FUCK 2020- This is a best seller and should relax you!

Green Tea & Lemongrass - Clean and citrusy... rich green tea leaves and crisp orange blossoms perfectly accent a warm base of amber and smooth cedar.

Quarantine & Chill - Create a calm environment in your home while staying the f*ck away from strangers! Scents of Apple, Pear, Anise with White Floral, Berries and Light Musk

Sea Salt & Orchid-Light, crisp and calming... subtle floral notes and sea salt create a balanced and inviting environment in any room of your house. A best seller.

Zesty Lavender - Clean and invigorating... this zesty fragrance bomb will brighten up any room. A fresh blend of citrus and lavender flowers makes it the perfect all-season candle for any room in the house.