You've Got Mail at 2910


You've Got Mail at 2910 on the Square. Package Receipt, Mailbox Services, Faxing, Scanning, Gift Wrapping.


Your local source for receiving mail and packages in Southeast Baltimore. Pay per use or subscribe monthly/annually. Other services include faxing, scanning and gift wrapping. We are located inside of 2910 on the Square in Canton, Baltimore, MD.

Customers, please complete application (click here to download) and return the completed form to You’ve Got Mail @2910 via email ( or in person to establish an account. Customer must complete an application and provide a photo ID BEFORE shipping packages to You’ve Got Mail @2910. Thank you.


  • Mail and Package Receipts
  • Mailbox Services
  • Faxing
  • Scanning
  • Gift Wrapping

You've Got Mail Rates.

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Contact Us

2910 O'Donnell Street
Canton, MD 21224
Phone - 410.675.8505
Fax - 410.342.7770

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